Odoo is an integrated ERP software system available for free as a ready-to-use program and an adjustable source code according to the Affero General Public License AGPL.

Odoo was built on a set of unique technical basics and solid software foundations in terms of quality and efficiency, it provides significant ease of use across all applications.

Why Choose Our ٍServices In Odoo Customization And Development ?

Odoo custom development for accounts:

Simply customizing your profit and loss reports plus your balance sheet.

Easily integrating other programs with Odoo

Points of Selling: Enabling to record all the invoices within the accounts system with ease

Inventory management: Inventory synchronization with all recorded accounting operations so you can continuously monitor stock balance

Expense Management: Tracking all expenses and re-issuing invoices altogether

Odoo custom development for sales management:

Providing custom alerts for related activities

Automatically suggesting additional options and features

Sending comprehensive and catchy offers with products descriptions, attractive images, and additional information

Odoo custom development for human resources:

Managing operations related to human resources, such as employment, bonuses, attendance, expenses, vacations and salaries in one place

Receiving custom alerts for any new leave requests, allocation requests, and assessments

Odoo custom development for project management:

Organizing and arranging the project tasks and setting a consistent timetable 

Performance analysis and measurement

Determining project costs with high accuracy

Odoo custom development for production management:

Leading all stages of production, such as design, planning, required raw materials, production life cycle management, and quality control in one place

Providing a dedicated central control panel

Preparing custom dynamic reports on everything from costs to performance analysis

Other Services

We offer many training courses that contribute to honing the skills of your team, improving their performance and keeping them informed with all the updates of their business industry. These courses include.

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Business Intelligence
We use the most advanced business intelligence tools to analyze and manage your business data .

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Technical Support
We offer periodic maintenance and continuous technical assistance to support you in facing the challenges you meet .

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Software Architect
We use the latest programming technologies to provide quality software engineering services that satisfy our customers’ needs and expectations.

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Information Technology Consulting
Our consulting is based on the analysis of the organization’s working methodology, its needs, and the challenges it faces. We guarantee the organization’s sustainable growth and productivity.

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Odoo Implementation
Our company is a Gold Partner for Odoo which is a versatile business program including CRM, website/e-commerce, billing, accounting, manufacturing, warehouse management, project management, and inventory .

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Digital Marketing
Our experts will support your business with full digital marketing services. Our services will get your brand over its competitors and make it easily reach your target audience.

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We will take care of every aspect of your online business by offering different e-commerce solutions that will boost your sales. Our experts master a variety of E-commerce tools such as Magento, Prestashop,

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Cyber Security
Our cyber security solutions provide outstanding protection that will face all security risks and cyber-attacks so you can keep your online business safe.

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Servers Solutions
We provide you with all server solutions and various hosting services that meet your needs such as shared hosting and full servers in KSA

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Mobile Applications Development

Are you looking for a new application design? Whether you want a custom iOS or Android application, we will develop it perfectly. Odoo Net team works with the latest Mobile App Development technologies and

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Web Developement
Looking for a new website design? We are experts in the overall web development process and we offer concepts that combine aesthetics with dynamic programming and responsive design.

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